The SEO Basics

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.
It is the act of making a user website more appealing to search engines & users.

Why do I need to focus on SEO?

In reality, there's hundreds of reasons why SEO is important. The real question that you're probably asking is, "why is it important to me"? SEO can help with increasing profits and user interaction, customer retention and brand visibility. Simply having a website isn't enough these days. You need to maintain one too.

What does SEO do?

Our goal when performing SEO is to improve the website to make it look more appealing to search engines, such as Google, Bing & Yahoo. When a user searches and we're highly rated, we're more likely to be visible as one of the first results a user will see.
When we start looking at improving a site, we take a large amount of data and look at the specifics. What do people want to know? What are common phrases? Why are people looking us up? Where is our traffic coming from? Can we add relevant information to our website and draw in more of those users?


Perks of Search Engine Optimization

Enhanced User Experience

Search engines, including Google, will rate websites based on how relevant, friendly & useful they are. Google is happy when their users are happy and the users are happy when they're given what they need! Keeping customers on your website will help in the long run, so enhancing the user experience will do wonders for your SEO & user retention.
A happy user is more likely to return!


It's a fact that in todays age, people will trust the results they're given by search engines. The average user won't venture past page 2 on Google, so what's the point in being anywhere other than page one?
When we offer the user an enhanced experience and assure search engines that our website is fast, relevant and useful, we increase exposure and allow customers to find what they're looking for.

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